News Items from UNC Greensboro

Whether researchers with timely insights or students with outstanding stories, members of the UNCG community appear in print, web and broadcast media every day. Here is a sampling of UNCG-related stories in the news and media over the week.

  • Dr. Debra J. Barksdale was featured in The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education for her upcoming dean position in the School of Nursing. The feature. 
  • Dr. Jocelyn Smith Lee was featured in The Radio Times on healing people hurt from violence and racial trauma. The feature. 
  • Dr. Noah Lenstra’s article was featured in Environmental News Bits. His article was about public libraries and their initiative to double as food distribution hubs. The article. 
  • Dr. Keith Debbage was quoted in a News & Record article as he talked about vaccination and the politics around that in the Triad. The article. 
  • Dr. Rebecca Adams was featured in Today Headline on friendships post-COVID. The feature. 
  • Dr. Jennifer Etnier was featured in a Live Long and Master Aging Podcast episode, where she spoke about exercise and the research behind the possibility of it slowing some diseases of old age. The episode. 
  • Dr. Lynne Lewallen was quoted in a North Carolina Health News article, talking about her career choice during COVID-19. The article.
  • Dr. Mark Elliott was quoted in a Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette article, talking about Civil War monuments. The article.
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