News Items from UNC Greensboro

clock tower, sunrise
clock tower, sunrise

Whether researchers with timely insights or students with outstanding stories, members of the UNCG community appear in print, web and broadcast media every day. Here is a sampling of UNCG-related stories in the news and media over the week.

  • Dr. Stephen Holland is featured in an article by Business Fast about phasing into clean cars by 2030. The feature
  • Erin Speer, assistant director of theater, speaks on her experience and pride directing the spongebob musical. The article.  
  • Dr. Brianna Caza speaks with Government Executive Daily about the disconnect in remote work and how to foster connections. The feature
  • Rebecca Adams is featured in an article by The Atlantic about her participation in The Friendship Files concerning research and friendship. The article
  • Dr. Keith Debbage is featured in the Winston-Salem article about the recent surge of business creations. The article
  • Dr. Nancy Hodges speaks about the recent partnership between the retail company Archroma and UNCG’s Consumer, Apparel and Retail Studies department. The article
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