News Items from UNC Greensboro

clock tower, sunrise
clock tower, sunrise

Whether researchers with timely insights or students with outstanding stories, members of the UNCG community appear in print, web and broadcast media every day. Here is a sampling of UNCG-related stories in the news and media over the week.

  • Dr. Jaclyn Maher talks about her SMART NIH-sponsored study. SMART is an acronym that stands for ‘studying maintenance and adoption in real time’ and the study is about motivational differences between people who are sort starting to change their physical activity behavior and those who can sustain it. The article.
  • Dr. Michaeline Jensen is quoted in an article telling parents that they should be teaching their kids what to look for while online. “Ask them, what kind of spaces are you hanging out in online? With whom are you talking to online? How does it make you feel to be on there? Because honestly, a little bit will go a long way.” The article. 
  • Dr. Noah Lenstra organized Let’s Move in Libraries, a nonprofit that helps libraries promote health in their community. Lenstra conducts research that tracks StoryWalk partnerships with public libraries. The article.
  • Robin Gee is featured in a video interview by wfmynews2.com about UNCG entering into the dance film festival for the 7th year and “Uprooted”, a ground-breaking documentary that traces the roots of jazz dance from Africa to its evolution as a contemporary genre. Watch the video or read the article
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