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This article is part of a series of regular updates on the process of creating the new University website, uncg.edu. As teams across the University work on preparing content to migrate to the new site, the goal is to keep prospective students top of mind as the intended audience.

September 2021

The Next Generation Website Project (NGWP) Content Teams have been working on the Arts & Culture web page design and content development. For the latter, the teams have been developing, identifying, and drafting copy, imagery, and other assets for their respective pages within the NGWP uncg.edu. 

Program Pages:

Since summer, the communications directors at UNCG’s colleges and schools have been collaborating with their respective faculty to develop program pages. To date, content leads – who are working to develop the text and imagery for each program page – have been identified for the University’s future graduate program pages and undergraduate program pages. 

Content Team Training:

UNCG’s NGWP team has developed a three-tiered content training with VisionPoint Marketing. There are 10 training dates beginning Oct. 11th through Oct. 22nd. 

The first tier of training is for all content liaisons, content leads, and page assignees. If you have been assigned one of these roles, please plan to attend one of the 10 training sessions. Attendees are required to have content for at least one of their uncg.edu pages available for use during the training. In these sessions, you will learn:

  • How to audit your content, 
  • How to identify your pages (in NGWP site),
  • How to scrape existing content into a new Google Doc, and
  • How to review content in the context of improving its effectiveness. 

Tier one training dates and times are available at UNCG Workshops. Content liaisons, content leads, and page assignees will be emailed additional information regarding training preparations, dates and times. The NGWP appreciates supervisors’ support of all trainees as they make time to prepare for and attend this vital training.  

The second tier of training will focus on writing for the web and will include the invitees of tier one as well as the UNCG ProCommunicators Group. The third tier of training will feature building of web pages and content migration and will include the invitees of the first two tiers as well as the Web Developers Group and individual unit web technical leads. Dates for second and third tier training will be released later this fall and emails will be sent to invitees. 

Design Update:

Throughout August and September, the Arts & Culture content team worked to finalize the page design. The design, which complements and uses other NGWP site page components, will soon be added to the UNCG Design System link featured on the NGWP project page. The NGWP Team expresses its sincere appreciation to the Arts & Culture content team for their work in developing this design. The project officially closes the design phase and moves forward with development and content creation. 

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