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This article is part of a series of regular updates on the process of creating the new University website, uncg.edu. As teams across the University work on preparing content to migrate to the new site, the goal is to keep prospective students top of mind as the intended audience.

December 2021

This fall, the Next Generation Website Project (NGWP) completed several important milestones toward the launch of the primary website. Thanks to the collaboration and hard work of many faculty and staff, the new primary website’s information architecture was updated and led to the adoption of newly designed sections for “Arts and Culture” and “Campus Life and Resources.” The colleges and schools communications directors and faculty members worked together to establish content for the University’s soon-to-be new academic program pages.

In October and November, content teams members, including liaisons, leads, and page assignees from across the University, participated in two content training sessions. These sessions focused on the importance of search engine optimization (SEO), message and tone, content auditing, and more. Recordings of both Tier 1 and Tier 2 training sessions are available on the project website (UNCG credentials required). 

In late November, VisionPoint Marketing, the University’s partner, provided website components for ITS to begin to test. As more components are available and ITS completes its first round of testing, more information regarding Tier 3 training will be announced. Tier 3 training will focus on using the custom developed components and be provided by UNCG ITS personnel in the spring semester. Tier 3 training will be available for content team members as well as web development group members. 

The primary site launch date is April 2022. University units, including colleges and schools, are encouraged to contact ITS to establish a launch date (sometime after April 2022) for their respective microsites.

To reach the NGWP team, email nextgenweb@uncg.edu.

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