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This article is part of a series of regular updates on the process of creating the new university website, uncg.edu. As teams across the university work on preparing content to migrate to the new site, the goal is to keep prospective students top of mind as the intended audience.

October 2021

The Next Generation Website Project (NGWP) content teams completed Tier 1 training during October. More than 100 individuals from across the university participated in the Tier 1 training opportunities where tips and tools for improving content for search engine optimization, accessibility and more were discussed. A recording of Tier 1 training is available here and UNCG credentials are required to access the video. 

Colleges’ and schools’ communications directors have been working with faculty to develop individual program pages — a key resource for prospective students to learn about UNCG. Many thanks to these teams for their hard work in developing program pages reflective of the unique program attributes students will enjoy when they enroll. 

As we progress toward migration, all website content will be reviewed for consistency in tone and messaging only. Content owners are the experts for their respective information and thus, only feedback regarding messaging and tone will be provided by UC or the vendor. Thus, “final approval” status will take time for each page to reach as more than 1,000 pages will need to be reviewed. 

The NGWP technical team has been working closely with the vendor to develop the various website components and page templates. 

November 2021

Tier 2 training for all of those who participated in the Tier 1 training will begin Nov. 9. There will be 5 opportunities for this training. Each session will run 90 minutes and will cover: 

  • The importance of program pages
  • Know your audience: people and search engines
  • Search engine optimization (SEO):
    • content best practices and tools (keyword research and use)
    • Technical side of SEO
  • Google analytics (goal setting)

Please note this training will cover where the content creator’s work and the tech lead’s work meet and align for strong web performance. There will be details more aligned with technical expertise and others more aligned with content development. By providing this training, we hope to strengthen already strong relationships between content developers and tech experts as we progress toward migration in the spring.

If you have not received an email invitation to sign up for Tier 2 training and have participated in the prior training, please reach out to nextgenweb@uncg.edu.

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