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Nominations are being sought for the Advising Excellence Awards and the Outstanding First-Year Student Advocate Award. Nominations are welcome from faculty, staff, and students, and are due Dec. 11.

The Advising Excellence Awards honors one faculty academic advisor and one professional academic advisor who make significant contributions to student success as demonstrated by their exemplary academic advising, positive relationships with students, and mastery of institutional regulations, policies, procedures, and curricula.  

The Outstanding First-Year Student Advocate Award recognizes and celebrates the efforts and significant contributions of UNCG faculty and staff who provide leadership in creating a positive transition to college and a successful learning environment for first-year students.

The Division of Student Success strives to recognize the hard work which takes place on this campus. The initiatives that we create and implement would not be successful without the efforts of our own staff but also faculty, staff, and students across this campus.

These awards reflect the passion and dedication to student success that our campus partners demonstrate through their time teaching, advising, supporting, mentoring, and celebrating our students.

For more information, visit https://success.uncg.edu/awards-recognitions/

To go directly to the nomination form, visit https://go.uncg.edu/dossawards2020

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