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NotesIconWhich co-workers are most worthy? The Governor’s Award for Excellence is the highest honor that a state employee may receive for noteworthy service to our state government and the people of North Carolina. Which UNCG employees will be nominated? An HRS committee asks for your nominations. Consider which co-workers have meritorious service or an accomplishment that warrants special recognition. Friday, July 15, is the deadline for nominations to be received in Human Resource Services. Nominations must be permanent SPA and EPA. Nomination rules are attached to the form, which can downloaded at http://web.uncg.edu/hrs/PolicyManuals/StaffManual/Section12/ on the HRS web page.

Eat Smart Move More Weigh Less is back Consider registering for the fall session of Eat Smart Move More Weigh Less, offered by HealthyUNCG. Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less is offered to UNCG employees for only $5 when you attend 10 sessions. The cost is $30, payable at the first session. Attend 10 sessions and get a $25 refund. The fall session starts Aug. 10. Visit the HealthyUNCG Eat Smart Page for more information. To register, visit the TLC Workshop and Event page.

So, what is that entranceway going to be like? One thing is certain. The eastern entranceway into the renovated dining hall will not go through the North Spencer Residence Hall, which is home to Lloyd International Honors College. A video posted last week on this site may have created that impression, so it was revised within hours to avoid any confusion. The revised video of the upcoming renovation, with interior and exterior drawings, can be viewed here. Howard Doyle, university architect, and David Reeves, the renovation’s project manager, have explained to Campus Weekly that those wishing to enter the dining hall from College Avenue will enter under Spencer Residence Hall just as they do now. And after a few steps, they will reach the stairs that will take them up into the second floor dining hall. They no longer will need to continue through the tunnel (which will be straightened) in order to go to the dining hall. In addition, a stairway inside the western entrance can be used as well.

Off-campus housing The Office of Campus Activities and Programs have been offering free Off-Campus Housing Bus Tours to take students along the HEAT 73 Shuttle route and a little beyond to give participants an idea of where student oriented housing is located. The bus will not stop at any complexes, but it will give students an idea of some of the different housing options that are located around 2.5 miles of campus. The final tour will be July 29, 1 to 2:30 p.m. Students may register at http://www.uncg.edu/cap/commuter/. Questions? Contact Lisa McGuire, assistant director of Adult, Transfer, and Commuter Programs, 334-5800 or OnTheGo@uncg.edu.

9/11 memories Where were you on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001? As the tenth anniversary approaches, CW asks readers to share their memories of that day, particularly if you were on campus – how you heard the news, how you and co-workers responded … and anything special your department or school did on that terrible day. Some responses and information may appear in a future story. Please email the editor, Mike Harris, at mdharri3@uncg.edu.

Online permit renewals underway for faculty/staff If you wish to pay by cash, check, or credit card, come to the parking office after July 12 to complete the in house form. Full details about online renewal are at http://parking.uncg.edu/faculty_staff/permitsinoffice.html. Permits must be displayed at all times when vehicle is parked on campus. Questions? Email parking@uncg.edu or call 334-5681 for assistance.

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