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Group photo of Mickey Tyagi, Chap Rapoza, Susan Sufran, Bruce Vosefski, Kevin ScottiThere are two things Susan Safran, chair of UNCG’s Board of Trustees, is particularly passionate about – nurses and veterans.

A ‘77 alumna of UNCG’s School of Nursing herself, Safran also has a soft spot for the university’s Veterans Access Program, which allows medically-trained veterans to receive a bachelor’s degree in nursing customized to their individualized training and experience. In its first year, Safran provided the students’ uniforms and clinical supplies.

During an emotional ceremony honoring veterans and student veterans and recognizing Safran for her generous contributions in support of the Veterans Access Program, Safran explained her passion for the program.

Her own father enlisted in the military in 1938 and served in World War II. While he would have loved to make the military his career, a medical discharge sent him into the world of business after the war. He found great success in the business field, but he never lost his passion for this nation and its servicemen and women.

“He would have liked this program a lot,” Safran said through tears.

Brig. General James Gorham applauded the university for providing such a valuable program to the nation’s veterans. He thanked the School of Nursing for giving veterans the “opportunity to sharpen their axes” and to strengthen the state and nation through jobs.

“As you can tell this program is near and dear to many of our hearts,” said UNCG School of Nursing Dean Robin Remsburg.

There are 17 students currently enrolled in UNCG’s Veterans Access Program. That number is expected to jump to 25 next semester and then double in Fall 2016. The program is open to students from all branches of our nation’s military, and currently has students enrolled from the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy.

“I’m so happy we’re able to do this for our students,” Remsburg said.

By Jeanie Groh
Photograph by Martin Kane: l-r, Mickey Tyagi, Chap Rapoza, Susan Sufran, Bruce Vosefski, Kevin Scotti

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