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University Communications recently spoke with Kelly Paul, Senior Director of Marketing for UNCG Online, about the launch of their new podcast, ‘Online by Design‘.

UC: Can you tell us what the new ‘Online by Design’ podcast is about and who is the intended audience?

KP: We created ‘Online by Design’ to inform prospective online students about all the ways online learning at UNC Greensboro can help them achieve their goals – whether they’re advancing or changing careers or just interested in learning something new.

UNCG is a leader in online education in North Carolina and the region, and sometimes that can be hard for prospective students to understand fully. They may think, “So it’s an online class,” but it’s so much more than that. It’s about intentional design to improve learning outcomes; it’s about an inclusive approach so that all learners have the tools to be successful. And it’s about all the available resources outside the “classroom” that make learning online at UNCG a high-quality experience.

Essentially, our goal is to help them understand that our online programs are nationally-recognized, quality programs that engage students in learning, and that employers respect. And also to help them have the right questions to ask when they evaluate and compare online programs.

UC: What episodes can we expect from the new podcast?

KP: Here is the lineup for Season 1:

Mar. 2 – ‘Who’s Got Your Back – Advising – BS Integrated Professional Studies’ with Phillip Wogatzke, BIPS Student Success Advisor

Mar. 9 – ‘They Teach That Online? Hip Hop Class’ (hard launch) with Prof. Thomas Taylor

Mar. 16 – ‘DACTS’ with Vaughn Stewart, Director of the Digital ACT Studio and faculty member

Mar. 23 – ‘They Teach That Online? BIO 105’ with Dr. Malcolm Schug, Associate Professor and Department Head, Biology and Heather Rushforth, Lecturer, Biology

Mar. 30 – ‘Career Services’ with Justin Golding, Assistant Director, Career Coach

Apr. 6 – ‘Speaking Center’ with Kim Cuny, Director of The Speaking Center

Apr. 13 – ‘Alumna Story’ with Nina Shamsi, BS in Integrated Professional Studies

Apr. 20 – ‘Library Services’ with Sam Harlow, Online Learning Librarian and Assistant Professor, Research, Outreach, and Instruction

Apr. 27 – ‘Alumni Mother/Daughter Story’ with Melissa Cornett, MS Gerontology and Olivia Cornett, MS Gerontology

May 4 – ‘Writing Center’ with Jennifer Whitaker, Director of The Writing Center

May 11 – ‘Quality Matters’ with Dr. Racheal Brooks, NC Central University

UC: Has the pandemic influenced what the podcast will focus on?

KP: As a result of COVID-19, people inadvertently thought that emergency remote learning was the same as intentionally-designed online learning. Because of this, we made this entire season about all the things UNCG does to ensure a quality online experience. And this goes beyond the class to all the support services available to online students to ensure they have the necessary tools for success. And it’s worth noting – all these support services are also available to our on-campus students.

UC: Who are the key participants in producing the podcast?

KP: Our podcast co-hosts are:

Dr. Susie Boles
As assistant director of instructional design at UNCG Online, Susie Boles collaborates with instructors and course design and multimedia specialists to develop effective, engaging online courses. From Chapin, SC, Susie earned her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from NC State University, master’s in Marketing and Management from the University of Virginia, and bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication from UNC-Chapel Hill.

Sidney Fletcher
Sid Fletcher provides adaptive technology for students with disabilities and guidance for instructors on accessibility and universal design. From Forest City, NC, Sid earned his bachelor’s in International and Global Studies from UNC Greensboro and is pursuing his M.Ed. in Higher Education, with a concentration in Student Affairs Administration.

The production team includes:

Patrick Griffin, MFA, Assistant Director of Multimedia, UNCG Online
Karalee Gregory, Multimedia Specialist, UNCG Online
Bryan Higgins, Multimedia Specialist, UNCG Online
Mandy Byrd, Writer, UNCG Online
Libby Schinnow, Design

Screen capture of the recording session for ‘They Teach That Online? Hip Hop Class” (hard launch) with Dr. Thomas Taylor

UC: Have you learned anything new from doing the podcast?

KP: Yes! About our resources: I always knew we had excellent resources. What I didn’t realize was how uncommon these resources are at other institutions. On our passion for student success: Our faculty and staff are passionate about student success! This really isn’t new to me, but listening to them speak – instead of reading about it – really helped me understand just how deep their passion is. Does that make sense? It’s somehow more compelling.

UC: Can the campus community submit ideas or suggestions for the show?

KP: Absolutely! They can send ideas for the show directly to me at krpaul@uncg.edu or to either of our hosts, Dr. Susie Boles at sebaker2@uncg.edu or Sidney Fletcher at srfletch@uncg.edu.

The ‘Online by Design’ podcast website can be found at https://online.uncg.edu/online-by-design-podcast, where listeners can sign up to receive the podcast each week, or just check out what’s already there.

Interview by Matthew Bryant, University Communications
Photo courtesy of Kelly Paul, UNCG Online

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