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Picture of UNCG Auditorium

A fire incident occurred on Tuesday, April 4, in UNCG Auditorium during a dress rehearsal for the opera “The Consul,” directed by David Holley. No serious injuries were sustained.

Although the incident is under investigation, initial reports indicate that an electric lamp near the stage curtain sparked the fire. The fire was contained to the backstage and curtain area of the auditorium and clean up procedures are currently underway. There is no serious structural damage to the property.

Because of the immediate response of the campus security team, the damage was contained to a confined area.

With a timetable for repairs still to be determined, upcoming performances for the venue are being rescheduled.

Friday and Sunday performances of “The Consul” have been moved to UNCG’s Taylor Theatre at 406 Tate Street. Thursday’s performance has been cancelled to give the group an opportunity to rehearse in the new location. Both performances are pay-what-you-can.

This post will be updated as there is more news to share.

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