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Dr. Rosemery Nelson-Gray accepts Outstanding Faculty Mentor award from Chancellor Gilliam and Provost Debbie Storrs
Dr. Rosemery Nelson-Gray receives the 2021-22 Outstanding Faculty Mentor award from Chancellor Gilliam and Provost Storrs.

What is more satisfying than celebrating 50 years working for UNC Greensboro? Winning the 2021-22 Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award may qualify for Dr. Rosemery Nelson-Gray.

Since coming to UNCG in 1971, Dr. Nelson-Gray has chaired 75 doctoral dissertations and 90 master’s theses. Her guidance goes beyond the classroom and the lab. She has not only helped students navigate their academic challenges, but also personal hardships. She has embraced individual differences, cultivated excellence, and encouraged independence and growth.

When presented with the award, Dr. Nelson-Gray said, “All my graduates who wrote such outstanding, complimentary letters brought tears to my eyes and made all these years of work worth it. Thank you.”

One of her former students says she provided “the freedom to breathe and speak frankly” and to “see limitless possibilities.” Psychology Department Head Dr. Stuart Marcovitch says “Rosemery has been an encouraging, caring, and rigorous mentor for 5 decades. Although her students have gone on to a variety of successful careers, including successful clinicians, distinguished faculty members, the CEO of the American Psychological Association, and a university President, they all have in common their gratitude and admiration for the mentor that guided them on their path.”

Dr. Nelson-Gray is also the first woman to become president of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies. She is cofounding editor of the journal Behavioral Assessment, and co-directs the Dream Camp at UNCG for children on the autism spectrum.

Dr. Nelson-Gray reflected on her many accomplishments to UNCG last year. Read about her journey here.

Story by Janet Imrick, University Communications
Photography by Martin W. Kane, University Communications

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