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Photo of students during A Week at the G

Photo of students during A Week at the G

What does a typical week look like at UNCG?

It looks like professors and their children building a research exhibition on a Sunday afternoon, students fencing at a regional tournament, and business students from Belgium touring campus. It looks like professors sharing their insights at a TEDxGreensboro event, soccer players practicing in the rain, sculptors hearing critiques from classmates in an art studio, and students hosting a spring dance for community members with disabilities.

And more.

The University hosted its inaugural “A Week at the G” photo project March 31-April 6. Campus photographers captured a range of Spartan experiences, submitting more than 800 photos during the week, and publishing about 180 of them online. Faculty, staff, students, and alumni also shared photos and videos on social media; the hashtag #AWeekattheG was used or shared more than 1,000 times on Twitter and Instagram.

Scroll through to see a sampling of photos published online over the seven days, as well as a video highlighting that week. Visit weekattheg.uncg.edu.

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