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Do you want the best and brightest students in your classroom? Want to make a difference in a prospective student’s life? Then take a few hours to be part of this fall’s faculty phone-a-thon. Faculty contact is a proven, effective part of bringing talented students to UNCG.

Dr. Patrick Lee Lucas (Interior Architecture) shared this story with Admissions last spring – names have been removed. It illustrates the power of a personal contact from a faculty member:

“IARC had its first ever departmental graduation as the newest department to join the college. On Friday, May 4, graduates from the program, along with their families, friends, and others, gathered for our ceremony and reception at the Church of the Covenant. Well into the reception, (one of my students) approached me and asked me to come meet her family (mom and dad, grandparents, and brother) and her boyfriend.

“As you in Admissions certainly would be aware, sometimes we don’t know the consequences of something we have done. During the course of the introductions, (her) mom thanked me profusely for the phone call. It having been a very long day (and night preparing beforehand) I was scrambling to remember if I had ever talked with (her mother) on the telephone and couldn’t dredge up any recollection in that regard. (My student) then reminded me that it was a phone call I made to her on the day that I volunteered (through the Honors program) to call potential IARC students on behalf of the university. Apparently, [she] was sitting on the fence in her decision to come to UNCG, and I prompted her to action to commit and head to IARC.

“…..I had never heard the story about her deciding for UNCG based on our conversation. I know that it can be incredibly difficult to convince faculty to do extra things like the phone calling marathons but as this evidence will suggest, UNCG…and IARC….and the Honors program all benefitted from my efforts five years ago. Given [this student’s] success in our program, and what I perceive to be a tremendous positive transformation of a terrific young woman, I can be VERY easily convinced to volunteer again…Thanks to you and your staff for all of your hard work…and for the opportunity to call potential students.”

The fall Faculty Phone-a-thon will be held Nov. 26-29, 2012. A winter phone-a-thon will be held Feb. 4-7 and 11. Volunteers are needed from all academic departments, and Undergraduate Admissions will provide a script, training materials, a light dinner and small gift to thank you for your participation. Calls to students will begin at 5 p.m. and end at 7 p.m. each day.

Help make a difference in the lives of these students. Those interested may contact Andre Hill in Undergraduate Admissions at 334-5243 or at arhill@uncg.edu.

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