News Items from UNC Greensboro

A total of 34 graduate students from UNCG and North Carolina A&T State are about to receive advanced preparation for their future professional lives and careers.

On Feb. 15, the program launches at the JSNN campus for participants in the new Preparing Future Leaders program. The provosts and graduate school deans of both universities are expected to be on hand to welcome the graduate students.

The Graduate Schools of the two universities have partnered together and established the Preparing Future Leaders (PFL) program for graduate students to advance professional development and career preparation. The program is designed to provide valuable, transferable skills and knowledge that will prepare currently enrolled graduate students to be successful and dynamic leaders in their chosen disciplines and careers. The program consists of two tracks: Preparing Future Faculty – designed to prepare students for future teaching careers in academia, and Preparing Future Professionals – for students seeking professional careers in business, industry, government and non-profit sectors.

As reported in a recent CW, the program has won a competitive national grant from the Council of Graduate Schools – awarded to only seven schools, including Harvard and Cornell. UNCG and NC A&T expect PFL to help attract top level graduate students as the program offers another important dimension to the complete education of graduate students.

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