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The first scanning event for UNCG’s PRIDE! of the Community project was held May 19. In partnership with the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Guilford Green Foundation, the PRIDE! project hopes to record the often invisible history of the LGBTQ+ community as it relates to North Carolina, especially in the Triad area and Greensboro.

Digital Projects Coordinator David Gwynn, Special Collections Technician Stacey Krim and Manuscripts Archivist Jennifer Motszko were present at the first scanning event to ensure the transition from physical to digital went smoothly. Most of the items they scanned were from the Guilford Green Foundation. They hope that as time goes on, more LGBTQ+ people and organizations will take advantage of the PRIDE! scanning days.

These events serve as a way to create digital copies of physical items such as photographs, t-shirts, organizational newsletters and records, bar or club fliers, protest signs, activism materials, letters and postcards, that will stand the test of time. “Our intention is to get the LGBTQ+ community excited about their own history,” said Motszko.

The team hopes to digitize material from the LGBTQ+ community as a whole and historically underrepresented groups within the community, such as people of color, women, older people and transgender individuals. “Anybody who’s got a story to tell, we want to hear from, or anyone who has items that might be of interest,” said Gwynn.

“I really love this project because Greensboro has had such a large population of people in the LGBTQ+ community,” said Motszko. “I think the importance of this project is having them also see the significance in their history.”

PRIDE! of the Community also held a scanning event this month at the Guilford Green Foundation’s offices located in Greensboro.

By Jules Miller

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