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022410EyeOnArts_DanceThe Department of Dance presents the Prime Movers Concert, an annual showcase of student work, Friday and Saturday, Feb. 26-27, in the UNCG Dance Theater.

Performances will begin at 8 p.m. both nights, with a 2 p.m. matinee on Feb. 27. The final performance will be followed by a reception and informal Q&A with the choreographers.

Tickets cost $12 for general admission, $9 for students and seniors, and $6 for UNCG students with a valid ID. For reservations and more information, call the Box Office at 4-4849.

Choreographers presenting work are undergraduate dance students Andrea Lalley, Kay Stewart, Lauren Drake, Jennifer Cheek and Haley Marsh, and graduate students Loren Groenendaal, Melissa Pihos and Sarah Wildes Arnett.

“Inadvertent Correspondence,” choreographed by Kay Stewart and Andrea Lalley, is a brief exploration of the everyday interactions between two people.

“Archetype, cont., cont.,” choreographed by Lauren Drake, is one segment of three interrelated works that track the relationship of a current self and a past self beneath the haze of a neurosis. The concepts of self-past, self-present and neurosis are presented both deliberately and metaphorically.

“Dreaming with Him,” choreographed by Jennifer Cheek, describes a relationship without limits, in which each individual possesses the ability to grow. “I am capable of doing and being my best,” Cheek says. “He has made my best attainable.”

Haley Marsh’s inspiration for “Alone” came from a dress made in Tibet, late-night music sessions, Ockham’s razor and a deep appreciation for beauty. It is a simple movement exploration delving into different levels of consciousness.

“Put it on” is a high-energy solo dance about the entrapment of feminine garb choreographed and performed by MFA student Loren Groenendaal and set to Polly Jean Harvey’s “Dress.” Inspired by an assignment from faculty member Karla Finger Coghill, Groenendaal borrows movement characteristics and choreographic habits of fellow MFA student Melissa Pihos and makes them her own.

“Group Consciousness” by Pihos asks the question, “How can a group mold or manipulate an individual to be part of the group?” The dance encompasses perspectives of group behavior, the group versus the individual and the awareness of the group to the individual.

“_____ism” by Sarah Wildes Arnett is an investigation of public human interaction in the United States. Set to the music of Edgard Varese and Ryuichi Sakomato, this physical exploration mimics society’s constantly evolving policies and stances on social, economic and political issues.

For information about upcoming dance performances, visit www.uncg.edu/dce/calendar.html.

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