News Items from UNC Greensboro

The department formerly known as Purchasing will now be Procurement Services, to reflect what it provides to UNCG’s campus. There are also some other new resources and processes that are part of Procurement Services.

There is additional guidance concerning independent contractors, to assist campus units in the determination process: https://purchasing.uncg.edu/contract-services/independent-contractor/

The Amazon punch out catalog, which provides the benefits of Amazon Business Prime, is now in eMarketplace here: https://purchasing.uncg.edu/emarketplace/ and there is guidance available on the website here: https://purchasing.uncg.edu/emarketplace/amazon/

eMarketplace will now be Spartan Mart, to align with the University branding efforts.

Procurement Services continues to analyze data and collaborate with departments to develop convenience contracts for the campus. Read more about them here: https://purchasing.uncg.edu/contract-services/#contracts

Contracts have been developed for the following services 

  •  Printing Services
  •  Photography Services
  • Videography Services

And more convenience contracts will be available in the future.

PCards can now be used to pay for services from LLC entities. Learn more about that process here: https://purchasing.uncg.edu/pcard/#allow

There is a new simplified Sole Source Request Form here:https://purchasing.uncg.edu/procurement/#forms

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