News Items from UNC Greensboro

The Provost’s Office has announced promotions of non-tenure track faculty for the 2010-11 academic year.

School of Health and Human Performance

One member has been promoted from Academic Professional Associate Professor to Academic Professional Professor:

R. Mitchell Fore, Department of Dance

School of Education

One member has been promoted from Clinical Assistant Professor promoted to Clinical Associate Professor

Sam Parker, Department of Specialized Education Services

School of Nursing

Three members have been promoted from Clinical Instructor to Clinical Assistant Professor

  • Mary Bannon, Department of Community Practice
  • Robin Cunningham, Department of Adult Health
  • Julie Kordsmeier, Department of Parent Child

Four members have been promoted from Clinical Associate Professor to Clinical Professor

  • Kay Cowen, Department of Parent Child
  • Dorothy Herron, Department of Adult Health
  • Jayne Lutz, Department of Community Practice
  • Jenny Sandoval, Department of Adult Health

In the last issue of Campus Weekly, promotions of tenure track faculty were announced.

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