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UNCG’s staff award winners will be recognized at the Staff Appreciation Day hosted by the Chancellor’s Office on May 20, 2019.

If your department, school, program or college has staff awards that you would like to be recognized at this event, please send the award name, name of the recipient, and a brief description of the award to s_alston@uncg.edu by May 6, 2019. If information is not received by this date, the award will not be recognized at the event.

We don’t want any staff awards winners to be “left out.”

Here are some samples: We’ve already received award information from the School of Health and Human Services about a national academic advising award recipient in their school. Award recognitions submitted by the UNCG Police Department include an officer who saved a life. Several departments have notified us about awards that staff members have received from entities other than UNCG – from state or national organizations or from publications such as the Business Journal.

Have any questions? Email s_alston@uncg.edu.

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