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Photo from budget meeting with Chancellor BradyIt appears that about 120 positions and/or personnel will be affected by UNCG’s budget cuts for next year.

Chancellor Linda P. Brady presented the provisional budget reduction plan to UNCG Faculty Senate on April 2.

The university is planning for a reduction of more than $12 million in the 2014-15 budget. The impact will be felt in a range of ways, from the number of class sections to student services, from facilities repairs and renovations to ITS response time, she explained.

In the past two months, she has consulted with Executive Staff, Deans Council, Academic department heads, Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, the Budget Sounding Board, the Student Government Association and the Board of Trustees about the plan. At the meeting last week, she presented responses to the main concerns and suggestions that she has heard.

One concern was that the proposed cut to Academic Affairs was too high.

She has reduced the cut assigned to Academic Affairs by about $1 million. An additional $1 million in cuts is now assigned to other units and divisions.

She presented the allocation of reductions across the divisions:
Academic Affairs: $9,332,801
Student Affairs: $513,570
Office of Research and Economic Development: $201,972
Total Provost Area: $10,048,343
Information Technology Services: $652,183
University Advancement: $212,686
Business Affairs: $1,591,398
Chancellor: $195,827
Gateway University Research Park: $100,000

Total: $12,800,437

For context, she showed reductions from 2007-08 to 2013-14, considering net cuts and campus-initiated tuition increase funds and enrollment change funds. Academic Affairs’ budget has risen some, by $985,000. Business Affairs has seen cuts of almost $2 million. ITS has lost $1,275,000. Student Affairs has been cut by $449,000.

This month, the university will be in communication with employees subject to Reduction in Force. “We want to place as many as possible at UNCG,” she said, as the university has done during previous cuts.

She will update faculty at the General Faculty meeting April 23, and she will also provide an update at the Board of Trustees meeting on April 30. She noted there may be an adjustment to the cuts this summer based on General Assembly actions in May and June.

More information – including the chancellor’s PowerPoint presentation on April 2 – is available at the UNCG Budget Central web site.

By Mike Harris

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