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Provost David H. Perrin provided an update on Academic Restructuring for a committee meeting of the UNCG Board of Trustees Tuesday, Feb. 8.

Two options for academic restructuring are being developed by the Academic Restructuring Committee.

The Academic Restructuring Committee co-chairs had brought to him five preliminary options – without accompanying narratives – late last semester for his feedback. Three of those options added to administrative costs, instead of reducing them. He suggested the committee focus on the two that would not add to administrative costs.

The committee is developing narratives around these two options and he anticipates they will complete their work Feb. 22.

The committee’s options and accompanying narratives will be posted on the Academic Restructuring web site at http://provost.uncg.edu/restructuring/ very soon after Feb. 22. There will then be opportunity for input by the university community.

As reported in last week’s Campus Weekly, the Department of Interior Architecture has asked to move to the College of Arts and Sciences, effective July 1, 2011. That move has been approved.

The provost spoke a bit about the staff of the schools that would be affected by the restructuring. He and the chancellor had met with those staffs last semester and again this semester. A goal is to retain every member of these staffs somewhere in the university if not the restructured unit.

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