News Items from UNC Greensboro

Photo of Rachel Briley.Rachel Briley (Theatre) received new funding from Children’s Theatre Foundation of America (CTFA) for the project “International Artistic Exchange between Santiago, Chile and Greensboro, NC: Building Dreams with and for Refugee Youth.”

During this phase of the project, the seven-person theatrical company La Llave Maestra will come to UNCG to perform “Nomadas” (“The Nomadic People”) for the students at the Doris Henderson Newcomers School, the UNCG community and the community-at-large.

The Newcomers School serves recently arrived immigrant and refugee youth from across the globe in grades three through twelve who are novice English speakers. The school aims to impart the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in American schools and society while honoring all cultures and heritages.

UNCG Auditorium has been secured for an Oct. 29 matinee performance. The company will stay in residence at UNCG for one week, working in daily rehearsals on “Suenos” (“Dreams”) with Newcomers students and UNCG students. Artistic Directors Edurne Rankin and Alvaro Morales will stay for an additional three weeks to continue the rehearsal process with all of the students.

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