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Photo of many students at college ave.

Photo of many students at college ave.

UNCG has announced record enrollment for the University’s Fall 2018 Census. It’s the fifth year in a row UNCG has seen enrollment growth.  The record enrollment comes in a year of milestones for UNCG, which also graduated its largest ever class in May (more than 2,700) and welcomed its biggest-ever freshman class in August (2,979, up 6.7% year-to-year).

According to the most recent data, total headcount for the campus reached 20,106, surpassing 20,000 for the first time in the University’s 126-year history. Consistent with its strategy, UNCG realized notable gains of 6.5% among rural counties across North Carolina. Among transfer students from community colleges and UNC institutions, UNCG saw a 2% and 10% increase, respectively.

Further, student credit hours for those studying at UNCG rose 1.6% to a record 224,632. Even more,
UNCG’s online distance education programs continue to expand rapidly, with total credit hours leaping
7.2% to a record 24,663, as more undergraduate and graduate online programs continue to become
available to non-traditional students.  Total student credit hours exceeded 250,000 for the first time in
school history.

“A tenacious commitment to student success is at the heart of our growth,” Chancellor Franklin D.
Gilliam, Jr. “We are doing a better job of delivering the right resources to students in the right ways. We
hired nearly 100 new faculty this year to better serve our students’ scholarly pursuits, without raising
tuition. In record numbers, students from a vast array of backgrounds, life experiences and
circumstances are finding their way to UNC Greensboro.  They recognize the value we offer, the
commitment we have to their success, and our ability to prepare them well to enter the workforce and
make a meaningful impact in North Carolina and beyond.”

A key component of the strategic plan for the University focuses on rural outreach, to offer access to
underserved areas of NC. These outreach efforts have been effective, with double-digit enrollment gains
among students in rural counties: Rockingham (35.3%); Randolph (17.1%); Alamance (16.7%); and
Cumberland (11.5%).

At the same time, new student growth is coming without lowering standards for admissions.  The Grade
Point Average (GPA) for students in the incoming freshman class remained the same as in 2016 at 3.84
(up from 3.61 in 2015) and ACT scores are holding steady from last year at 23.

Additionally, UNCG is fueling new transfer growth through innovative partnerships across the state with
community colleges.  To date, UNCG has partnered with six local community colleges to co-admit
students who then do their first two years at state community colleges and transfer to UNC Greensboro, at a significant cost savings. Students have access to UNCG resources, including the Kaplan Center for
Health and Wellness, library, career services, tutoring, and more. These new programs, most of which are
less than a year old, have seen 2% growth to date.

Full census information is available HERE.

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