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020310NewsAndNotes_HaitiThe Zanmi-UNCG fundraiser Thursday, Jan. 28 to raise awareness and money to support earthquake recovery efforts in Haiti was a big success.

All proceeds from the event, which featured a silent auction and raffle, will go to Partners In Health, an international medical relief agency with a long track record of work in Haiti.

“We had a large turnout, about 85% of which were students,” according to an email from Dr. Jo Paluzzi and Dr. Sarah Wagner. “We raised 4207.50. We are still collecting money on the winning bids, but Partners In Health will be receiving this money sometime this week.”

“Not bad for 12 days of planning and execution!”

The event was last Thursday. “You know, we had considered having the event on Friday.” They noted how fortuitous that date was – the next day brought a big snow storm. “ What a difference a day could have made!”

“The faculty members and administrator who did come were very generous but it was the energy of the students that drove the action. The music was really exceptional. …Raffle tickets had been brisk all week thanks to the student sales leaders and their task force members. We drew winning tickets between the musical acts. There was a young woman who did hand-painting with henna in the Indian tradition and donated everything she collected in donations. A campus student organization made Haiti ribbons and distributed them at the door. In addition to the many anthropology and archaeology students who worked on Thursday night, there were students from the natural sciences and the School of Public Health. As the evening went on, it seemed folks really got into the silent auction, some prizes were clearly more in demand than others. As we were winding down, the Spartones made an impromptu appearance and serenaded the evening to a close. It was such a wonderful, warm, (and hectic!) experience from beginning to end.”

The Jan. 28 fundraiser was one of several opportunities for members of the UNCG and greater Greensboro community to contribute to Haitian relief efforts. For the most up-to-date information on UNCG-sponsored Haitian relief work, visit the blog UNCGHaiti.wordpress.com.

Visual:  Teddi Burnett promotes the event.

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