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Nearly 100 retired UNCG individuals attended this year’s UNCG Retirees’ Recognition Event on Feb. 17, which made for a festive Virginia Dare Room.

Chancellor Linda P. Brady welcomed everyone.”It is an honor to be here with you today and to have the opportunity to thank you for your years of service to UNCG.”

She spoke about the people of UNCG. She’d recently talked with a number of students at the EUC dining area – and they talked of late-night cramming for tests and the winning streak of the men’s basketball team. “But they also spoke about you,” she explained.

Our staff and faculty’s support, diligence and caring make a great difference in our students’ success.

Ginny Perguson was one who attended the reception. Her career at UNCG spanned from 1979 to 2000. “I started as a receptionist in Mossman,” she said, when the building’s third floor was not yet furnished. She recalls an icy day when (not wanting to drive) she was dropped off at work and very few were around. She stepped over to the Chancellor’s House, assuming someone would be there. Chancellor Ferguson kindly opened the door. “Come on in. Make yourself at home,” he said.

The retirees event was an afternoon for sharing memories like these. Perguson told of working in Purchasing in the house behind Ferguson, “our home away from home,” before moving to 1100 West Market Street Building. And about all the great people she’d worked with.

By Mike Harris
Visual by David Wilson, of UNCG’s most recent retirees with Chancellor Brady.

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