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030310EyeOnArts_RocaterraniaThe film “Rocaterrania” will be screened Thursday, March 18, 6:30 p.m. at the Weatherspoon.

“Rocaterrania” is a feature length documentary by Dr. Brett Ingram (Department of Media Studies) that explores the secret world of scientific illustrator and visionary artist Renaldo Kuhler. In the last four decades, seventy-six-year-old Renaldo Kuhler has created hundreds of plates for the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, illustrating diverse flora and fauna for obscure scientific journals and reference books. Before the making of this documentary, no one knew that Kuhler is also a prolific visionary artist. Ingram became friends with the artist when both were working at the N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences in 1996.

Kuhler began showing Ingram intricate drawings and telling him stories of Rocaterrania, a tiny nation of Eastern European immigrants who survived years of revolutions and tyrannical leaders. Somewhere along the way, Ingram realized the ups and downs of Rocaterrania mirrored Kuhler’s own life. He knew there was a compelling story to be told.

“Rocaterrania” unveils Kuhler’s astounding body of work to the world and reveals the powerful story of his life in the process. Among other themes, the film is about the insidious nature of conformity, the courage to be one’s true self, and the redemptive power of artistic creation. Featuring an eclectic original score by Merge Records recording artists Shark Quest.

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