News Items from UNC Greensboro

In support of the university’s strategic plan that emphasizes efforts to enhance and sustain an inclusive and collaborative workplace, Chancellor Brady has announced that effective February 1, 2012, Rod Wyatt, chair of the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (CACEDI), has joined Human Resource Services (HRS) as Director, Human Relations.

As a global university integrating intercultural experiences and perspectives, this collaboration will provide opportunities for greater synergy with organization development programs. Wyatt’s important work with CACEDI will continue with accountability to the Office of the Chancellor, while he works within HRS implementing educational programs that specifically advance inclusion in the areas of mediation services, employee relations, and professional development.

Wyatt will also collaborate with Benita Peace in developing greater synergy with the university’s Affirmative Action programs including Title IX compliance. Title IX is the landmark legislation that bans discrimination on the basis of sex under any educational program or activity including academic programs and athletics. Wyatt’s twenty-nine years of experience in Intercollegiate Athletics will provide invaluable support to the university’s Title IX program. He holds a bachelor’s in psychology from Atlantic Christian College, a master of science degree from the United States Sport Academy, and is currently completing a doctorate in the Educational Leadership Cultural Foundations Program at UNCG.

Dr. Edna Chun, associate vice chancellor for Human Resource Services, said, “We are delighted that Rod Wyatt is joining our team. His multi-faceted portfolio will be of great benefit to HRS’ Strategic Plan and in aligning our efforts with the university’s efforts to ensure UNCG remains an inclusive and collaborative place to work and learn.”

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