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Friends, Romans and countrymen are invited to Classics Day on Saturday, April 1, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., on the Stone Lawn at College Ave. The festival, hosted by the Lloyd International Honors College and the UNCG Classical Society, will celebrate the Mediterranean world, especially Greece and Rome.

Hear a performance of Euripides’ tragedy “Alcestis,” as well as Roman oratory—the speeches of Cicero in both Latin and English. At the archaeology dig, find bottles and pots and recreate ancient stratigraphy through sand art. The pottery booth offers a chance to sculpt and paint pots in Grecian and Roman styles. See your name written in Ancient Greek or Egyptian Hieroglyphs, or get your fortune told by Pythia, the ancient priestess of Apollo, at the Oracle of Delphi booth.  Compete in Roman board games, a Classics trivia competition and in gladiator combat. (The swords are foam.)

Dr. Jonathan Zarecki, faculty advisor for the UNCG Classical Society, said, “Classics Day really shows the passion and dedication that our students have for the ancient world. It’s run by students, and I think it does a terrific job of highlighting that there’s something for everyone in studying the ancient Greeks and Romans.”

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