News Items from UNC Greensboro

The Board of Trustees has approved the naming of two rooms after important figures in our campus’ history.

The space known as Room 111 in Foust Building is now the Henry Samuel Levinson Seminar Room. Dr. Henry Levinson devoted 26 years of faithful service to UNCG. During his tenure he was a creative and productive scholar as well as an inspiring teacher and mentor. He served the university as head of the Religious Studies Department and as associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. He was responsible for creating the Center for Critical Inquiry and worked hard to raise the scholarly profile of the College and the university.

The Parlor located in Mary Foust Hall, until recently known as “Ashby Parlor” in the Warren Ashby Residential College, will be permanently named the “Arndt Parlor.” This naming honor Drs. Murray and Frances Arndt, who have provided excellent leadership and teaching as well as ongoing nurturance of the Residential College and its mission since it was established in 1970.

Dr. Murray Arndt and Dr. Frances Arndt have been integral figures in the history and evolution of the UNCG Residential College.

The Residential College (RC), which was officially renamed the Warren Ashby Residential College in 2007, offers a unique living and learning environment that forges strong and lasting connections among students, faculty and staff. Murray and Frances Arndt lived and learned with the students, as the very first faculty couple to reside in the RC. Their daughter, Emily, was born while they were living in the RC. Murray designed and taught the interdisciplinary American Experience Core course, in which all RC students participate. Murray also served as director of the RC for over a decade, from 1980-1992, with Frances succeeding him in this position from 1993-until the present. Murray has retired from UNCG, but still returns to teach each semester. Frances will retire this year.

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