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Photo of Kazan researchers meeting with Chancellor BradyThree Russian scientists have spent May in collaboration with UNCG scientists at the Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering.

Chancellor Linda P. Brady, accompanied by Dr. Penelope Pynes, associate provost of International Programs, visited Kazan Federal University two years ago to meet with university officials. That visit ultimately resulted in this month’s visit from UNCG’s first Kazan international scholar delegation.

A partnership between UNCG and Kazan Federal University had initially developed in 2004, after UNCG Fulbright scholar Dr. Kathleen MacFie (Russian Studies) taught there. Since then, UNCG’s International Programs Center has made it possible for several students each year to study Russian language and culture there.

The three Kazan researchers met with Chancellor Brady May 17.

During the meeting, they spoke of their research and the research capabilities and potential at the Joint School. They discussed the cities of Kazan and Greensboro. And the scientists spoke of North Carolina sites they planned to see before their return, such as Kitty Hawk and the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.

Two of the researchers, Eduard Gilyazetdinov and Mikhail Bukharov, are working with Dr. Daniel Herr and Dr. Dennis LaJeunesse at the Joint School and are helping to characterize the physical and optical properties of new polymers for use in biomimetic fabrication and performing mass spectrometry. Alexey Salin’s research involves the use of computational methods that permit the modeling of chemical intermediates, such as transition states, along a chemical reaction pathway. This Russian researcher is working with Dr. Ethan Will Taylor.

In Fall 2012, Dean James Ryan of the Joint School worked with Dr. Valery Shtyrlin, head of the Butlerov Institute of Chemistry, to invite these three researchers to UNCG this month.

Visual by Chris English. L-r are Mikhail Bukharov, Eduard Gilyazetdinov, Alexey Salin and Daniel Herr. In foreground, l-r are Chancellor Brady and Penelope Pynes.


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