News Items from UNC Greensboro

A national search has begun for a new director for the Office of Academic Assessment.

The director will be responsible for promoting the use of assessment activities to enhance student learning across campus and for consulting with units and departments in the development and implementation of academic program assessment plans. Analyzing and using assessment data to enhance student learning has become increasingly important in recent years as the results are often viewed as measures of quality and value of institutions of higher education.

The chair of the search committee is Dr. Robert C. Hansen, Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Other members of this committee include: Ed Arrington (Business), Terry Ackerman (Education), Amy Purcell (College/Student Learning Enhancement Committee), Heather Sit (Student/Student Learning Enhancement Committee), Kathy Williams (HHP), Sarah Carrigan (Institutional Research/Office of Planning and Assessment), and Jessica Thomason (Office of Planning and Assessment). Internal candidates are welcome.

The director will report to Dr. Rebecca G. Adams, Associate Provost for Planning and Assessment.

Dr. Erin Bentrim-Tapio, Director for Student Affairs Assessment, is assisting the Office of Academic Assessment until a new director is found.

The previous director, Dr. Stephen Zerwas, who was instrumental in encouraging the development of a culture of evidence on this campus and was a strong advocate for evidence-based enhancements to academic programs, accepted the position as Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness at Georgia Southern University this summer.

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