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Vote for a great Nano video, made by a UNCG student about a UNCG student and his impactful research at JSNN.

It’s part of the National Nanotechnology Initiative film contest.

Today, visit www.nano.gov/NanoFilmPublicVoting to view this and other videos from the Nano Film  contest and vote for your favorite. This UNCG film is the third film on the list. Today (Feb. 1) is the voting deadline.

“Shrinking chemical instrumentation can show the same improvements that have revolutionized the computer industry. Faster, cheaper, and portable are some of these benefits. With the worlds analytical instrumentation market in the billions of dollars and only 0.1% using small biosensors there is a vast market growth potential and need, as the shortcomings with large instruments can be solved. Imagine the benefits to mankind from the ability to do an analysis anywhere in the world at any time! The possibilities are endless. Our research focuses on fabricating such a device for an array of diseases. Simply changing the capture molecule on the sensor surface dictates which disease is being tested for. Fabricated at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, these sensors fit in the palm of the hand. The biosensors work on the nanoscale by detecting biological molecules in very small amounts.”

Interviewee: Taylor Mabe, UNCG, Nanoscience Dept.,

Film’s director: Jenna Shad, UNCG, Biology Dept. & Film Dept.


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