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Jordy Kuiper got the surprise of his life the other day.

Do you know Jordy – or maybe you’ve read about him? He is majoring in liberal studies in social sciences. He’s a junior. He’s tall. He tells us he lives by one of his mom’s sayings: “Shoot for the moon. Even as you miss you’ll land among the stars.” He suffered an injury at the NC State game, but he is working hard to prepare for his return to the court next year.

He reflects on growing up in the Netherlands, managing his diabetes, playing ball and dreaming. “Now I’m living my dream right now.”

CW spoke to his mom as she proudly watched the Spartans take on Western Carolina last week – the Spartans’ third win in four games. For the first time in about a year, she was able to get away and visit her son. It was a long trip, and so worth every minute in the airports and planes. She says that was the first time she has truly surprised him. He was bowled over, as this short Athletics clip shows.

She told us something every parent can understand: Sometimes you just have to see your son, and hold him.

By Mike Harris
Video by UNCG Athletics

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