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The 2013-14 UNCG Teaching Excellence Awards winners were:

  • Dr. Jane Harris, the recipient of the Katherine H. Taylor Award for Teaching Excellence,
  • Dr. Ye He, the recipient of the Mary Settle Sharp Award for Teaching Excellence,
  • Dr. Wayne Journell, the recipient of the James Y. Joyner Award for Teaching Excellence, and
  • Robin Maxwell, the recipient of the Anna Maria Gove Award for Teaching Excellence.

You teach because it’s a calling, Maxwell says in this video clip. “You are called to teach because you want to impact and influence people’s lives. You want to see them successful.” Jornell finds satisfaction in “the letters and the emails I get from students when they graduate, or years after they graduate and they write and say you know how much they enjoyed my classes at home how much it impacted them in their professional careers.”

Harris acknowledges the challenge for faculty in the face of budget tightening. “Here, boy the faculty are stretched, but I have to say, they care about their students and their students’ learning and they’re willing to sit down and work to make that better, and there’s nothing more rewarding than to do that with them.” Dr. He adds, “My students really inspire me as a teacher and they’re my source of energy and the inspiration every day.”

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