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Portrait of Douglas LawtonIndonesia has 17,000 islands. And lots of rich opportunities for the study of turtles, frogs, lizards and snakes.

Douglas Lawton will fly out in less than two months – after he returns from his UNCG Biology course in Costa Rica to focus on sea turtles in early August.

“I am going to a remote part of Indonesia in a city called Bengkulu on Sumatra (an island of Indonesia), he said.” I am staying in Indonesia for five months (September-January 2016), so it’s going to be an adventure.”

He will be working out of Bengkulu University. His main goals for going to Indonesia is herpetological research and education.

He explains that he will always be amazed by the sheer beauty of nature.

“I am inspired by the extraordinary diversity of life on this small planet that we live on! Its amazing to think about how everything is interconnected and that each piece of life’s puzzle is important – just as important as the next,” he says.

“Therefore, conservation of Earth’s biodiversity is crucial because of its intrinsic beauty as well as the services that it provides for humanity.”

He plans to graduate this December from UNCG. Then he’ll attend graduate school out west, focusing on ecology.

Compiled by Mike Harris
Photo courtesy Douglas Lawton

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