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Two service-learning related professional development seminars are on tap in coming weeks:

“Reflection 101: Using reflection to enhance learning in service-learning courses.”
Wednesday Jan. 21, 4 – 5 p.m., McIver 140
This workshop is designed for faculty and staff teaching service-learning courses. It will cover reflection models, best practices, assignments, and syllabus design.

“Service-Learning Basics for Faculty.”
Wednesday Feb. 4, 4 – 5 p.m., Faculty Center
For faculty members who are new to service learning, or want a refresher. This seminar will cover service-learning basics, best practices, and course design.

Register here: https://workshops.uncg.edu/workshops-by-category.jsp?cat_id=77002853

Also, several Service-learning and Global Engagement QEP Course Development Grants are offered:

1. Service-Learning (SVL) Global Course Development Grants are for traditional service-learning courses that connect to at least one of the Global Engagement QEP SLOs and include direct assessment of student learning. For approved applicants, $500 is awarded as add-pay for a revised course, $1000 is awarded as add-pay for a new course.

Submission Deadlines
April 1, 2015 for a summer 2015 course.

To view the RFP, visit: http://olsl.uncg.edu/service-learning/announcements/service-learning-global-course-development-faculty-grants/

2. International Service-Learning Course Development Grants provide curriculum development opportunities to faculty who have experience and/or interest in leading a student trip to another country. The award must result in an undergraduate course for academic credit that includes an international community service component. Courses must meet at least 1 of the Global Engagement QEP student learning outcomes (SLOs). Course proposals must be submitted to the appropriate university committees, including the service-learning designation committee for review and approval.

Grant Amount: up to $2,500

Submission Deadlines:
March 16 for a summer exploratory trip.

To view the RFP, visit: http://olsl.uncg.edu/service-learning/announcements/internationalsvlcoursegrant2015/
The above grants will also be available for fall 2015 courses. Please contact Kristin Moretto at knmorett@uncg.edu for more information.

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