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Photo of SECC Committee Chair Ray Carney holding "I Support" signFor SECC Committee Chair Ray Carney, participating in the giving campaign is a way to raise awareness and support for a cause that hits close to home: serving our nation’s veterans.

Carney was born into a military family and served in the Air Force for more than seven years. Upon returning to the United States after serving in the Philippines during the evacuation of Vietnam, Carney witnessed firsthand the challenges that veterans face as they transition back into civilian life. Now at UNCG, he wants to do more to help veterans.

“These men and women deserve the best medical, mental and emotional support our country can provide in exchange for what they are asked to do for our country,” Carney said.

Through the SECC, Carney supports several veterans organizations, including Operation First Response, Americans VetDogs and Wounded Warrior Project. Carney encourages all UNCG employees to personalize the SECC campaign and use it as a way to share their story.

Employees can make a donation via the online ePledge system or paper form. Those that wish to opt-out of this year’s campaign are encouraged to officially opt-out (either online or on the paper form) to help the committee with data collection. UNCG hopes to raise more than $200,000 for charities across the Triad and the state through this year’s campaign. For more information about the campaign, visit secc.uncg.edu. To access the ePledge system, click here.

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