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three Latinx graduates in regalia
three Latinx graduates in regalia

Many May graduates of Latinx or Hispanic heritage and their parents enjoyed a reception in Alumni House April 27. 

“We had 75 guests. Approximately 40 of them were soon-to-be alumni,” said Yubi Sandoval ’17, Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement.

The ¡Sí Se Pudo! Celebration, which celebrated soon-to-be alumni, was an Alumni Engagement event in collaboration with the UNCG student organization ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals for America). Marisa Gonzalez ’16, ’19 MA, Assistant Director, Latinx Recruitment Initiatives in UNCG Admissions, helped organize the event as well. “As the university with the largest Latinx presence in the state, an event like ¡Si Se Pudo! further demonstrates the commitment the university has to see this group come together,” said Gonzalez.

Guest speaker Yulaina Rodriguez ’08, ’11 MS, ’15 PhD gave remarks on what it means to be a Spartan. She encouraged the graduates to stay in touch and get involved with UNCG, to volunteer. 

Donor Alejandro Peñaloza ’21 gifted a Mac notebook to student Yensi Vente Espana, an ALPFA member. Latinx Life, which is a non-profit run by five UNCG alumnae, helped facilitate the gift by helping with the application/vetting process, Sandoval notes. 

All attendees received a just-published Spring 2022 UNCG Magazine, which featured on the cover outstanding senior Scarlett Nuñez, who was in attendance. “The students and their parents were impressed to see a Latinx student on our cover,” Sandoval said. “With certainty, I can say our parents and students felt like they were home.”

Gonzalez added, “From an Admissions perspective, it’s beautiful to assist Latinx families in their enrollment at UNCG and hear about their goals and aspirations. Then four years later, to see the culmination of their hard work and reaching their dreams is everything. Community is essential to the vitality of our Latinx students, so ending with an event like ¡Si Se Pudo! is a phenomenal way to celebrate and come together.”

The graduating students at this event received a ¡Sí Se Pudo! Pin to mark their milestone. The phrase translates to “Yes, I did it!” If a student or alumnus would like to receive their pin, please email Yubi Sandoval, Alumni Engagement, at y_arand2@uncg.edu.

Story by Mike Harris, UNCG Magazine
Photography by Martin W. Kane, University Communications, L-r, Scarlett Nuñez ’22, Willy Piña ’22, Jeymy Enriquez ’22

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