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For nursing students at UNC Greensboro, the labor and delivery simulation lab feels far from artificial.

Students are checking vital signs, administering fluids and medication and responding to any range of complications: postpartum hemorrhage, fetal distress and preeclampsia.

It’s a remarkably realistic simulation experience, made possible by the School of Nursing’s investment in state-of-the-art SimMom and SimBaby technology.

In July, the school received the latest version of the SimMom, a high-tech female mannequin (accompanied by a 6-pound newborn mannequin, placenta and umbilical cord) that allows students to engage in the entire labor and delivery process.

An instructor controls the robot’s responses from a laptop, and the simulations are recorded so that students and faculty can debrief together.

“These simulations help replicate emergency situations that our students may not be able to experience during their clinical rotations at local hospitals,” explains School of Nursing Clinical Instructor Lori Hubbard. “In turn, when our students graduate and begin their nursing careers, they are prepared to handle a wide variety of labor and delivery complications.”

Want to learn more? Watch the video on UNCG Now for an inside look at the labor and delivery simulation lab.

Story by Alyssa Bedrosian

Photography by Martin W. Kane

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