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Inside the Weatherspoon Art Museum
Inside the Weatherspoon Art Museum

The Weatherspoon Art Museum is excited to announce its new 2022 Weatherspoon Summer Activity, a collaborative project called “Sketch-Storming.”

From June 1 through August 5, visitors of all ages will find a series of sketch journals at the Welcome Desk. They provide a place for everyone to process and record their thoughts, feelings, and observations in their independent interactions with art.

The process is quite simple and there is no one “correct way” to utilize these journals. Guests can check one out and take it with them while they explore the museum, pausing to reflect, sketch, or write as they see fit. They will return it to the welcome desk before leaving for the next guest.

As more people visit and add their own experiences to the journals, it becomes a collaboration ultimately creating a collective visual record of visitor thoughts, inquiry, and experiences.

Visitors can use whatever expressive outlet feels right for them. The intention is for them to pause and embrace moments of thought, reflection, and engagement with art rather than simply passing through.

The Weatherspoon can’t wait to see everyone’s creative contributions this summer.

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