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Provost David H. Perrin presented preliminary Fall 2011 enrollment figures at the Sept. 7 Faculty Senate meeting.

It appears the plan to enhance the academic quality of entering freshmen classes, as measured in SAT scores, is working.

UNCG has stopped the slide in its freshman average SAT scores, he said. UNCG anticipates a slight increase, from 1,030 to 1,032.

The freshmen students’ average high school GPA has also increased, slightly, from 3.59 to 3.60.

“I am especially proud to share with you that these positive results were achieved without sacrificing the ethnic diversity for which UNCG is well known,” he said. Within the freshman class, nearly 41 percent of the students are members of an ethnic minority group. This compares to 38.5 percent last year, he said. Black or African-American students continue to make up approximately 25 percent of the freshman class.

As for the number of freshmen, UNCG dropped nearly three percent, from 2,512 to 2,442. The university had set a reduced freshmen enrollment goal of 2,405, due to the anticipated enrollment impacts of UNCG’s drive to increase the academic preparedness of the freshmen students. Therefore, despite the slight drop, he noted, UNCG actually exceeded its freshmen enrollment goal.

Other preliminary figures he shared:
14,740 total undergraduates
3,685 total graduate students
1,148 distance learners
2,442 new freshmen

Of those new freshmen:
67.1 percent female, 32.9 percent male
33.9 percent ethnic minority (using new method of calculating the figure; see below)
24.9 percent African American
7 percent Hispanic/Latino

New federal regulations have separated Hispanic/Latino students as an ethnic identity independent of other racial identities, he explained. “In total, the way they used to calculate that, that puts us at over 40 percent of our students in our incoming freshman class,” he said in reference to the preliminary figures, “which is fantastic.” That includes students identifying themselves as belonging to a racial minority group or Hispanic/Latino.

The total number of students, according to the preliminary figures, is 18,425.

By Mike Harris


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