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The CW editor regularly receives questions and comments. A number of readers may have the same questions. Here are some responses to a few questions you may have:

Q: Where is “With the Staff?”

A: Every few weeks, CW runs a listing of staff members joining the university and leaving the university. The CW editor receives those listings from HRS, to whom the CW editor is appreciative. The section is called “With the Staff” and can be found at the bottom of the Campus People section regularly, as they are received. Click here to see this week’s Campus People, which includes a “With the Staff” posting.

Q: As I navigate through the site, how do I get back to the main CW page?

A: Click “Home.” That word is found near the top right. “Home” is also found, at a smaller size, near the top left. Additionally, you can click the publication date near the top left, to instantly return to the main CW page.

Q: Today is a Monday, and Print This Issue is not working. Why?

A: The “Print This Issue” function works from the moment the stories are posted and published on Tuesday through the end of the weekend.

Q: When are stories first available? I want to see them as soon as they are published.

A: They are published during the latter part of Tuesday, unless a big, breaking story or snow bumps the schedule back a few hours. If you visit the site late Tuesday afternoon, you will likely see that the week’s issue is available. Those who subscribe to the free RSS feed for CW receive the stories the moment they are posted – one good reason to register for the feed. The email notification, through the efforts of Kevin Bullard and ITS, normally goes out early Wednesday, which is CW’s publication date.

Q: I saw a story or two on the campus garden a while back. Can you help me locate those items in CW?

A: Yes, but you probably won’t need my help to find a story. A great feature of our online CW is the search function for CW stories. See the search box for CW at the top of the navy blue section (not at the very top of the page, which is the much more expansive ‘search UNCG’ box). You’ll find the CW search box near the Campus Weekly logo. Type in one or two subject words for the article you are looking for. For this example, you could type in “Campus Garden” and click the lens beside it. The top three stories that appear are the ones, in this case, you are likely looking for regarding the garden.

Here’s a question for you: Have you noticed changes to the CW email? Do you like these changes or not? Email the editor and let me know. Thanks.

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