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Exterior of Alumni House with red carpet and alumni signage
Exterior of Alumni House with red carpet and alumni signage

Ready for an in-person Commencement? Last week at Alumni House, the celebration started a little early.

More than 2,300 students registered for the Red Carpet Reception, the annual celebration of all new and soon-to-be Spartan alumni. Nearly 1,000 students attended the event in-person. All Class of 2021 registrants received a complimentary T-shirt.

Benjamin Fraifeld ’21, who is a Spartan of Promise, and his friends from the social work program stopped by and stayed a full hour, racking up nearly 100 photos while enjoying interacting with others at the celebration. 

“Everything has been online for over a year now, so it was a good opportunity to bond with my friends because we haven’t been able to hang out too much in person,” he said. 

After signing in at the tent and receiving a complimentary swag bag, replete with a champagne flute, Spartan cookies, and other UNCG branded goodies, graduates were able to take full advantage of the photo stops. Many also helped set the atmosphere by adding songs to the music playlist, using Spotify. 

“This year was a little different because we had to do everything outside. But that made it a little more casual, and we were able to show off more of the Alumni House, so that was exciting,” said Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement Dorian Thompson. “We had photo opportunities set up all around the Alumni House. We were also very pleased to showcase the Vacc Bell Tower as a special place for students to be photographed by their class banners.”

Those graduating later this week and those who graduated last year were well celebrated – and well photographed. There were banners set up for both the Class of 2021 and the Class of 2020.

“The most special part about it for me was having an event set up, specifically designed to celebrate us,” said Fraifeld. “This is my second time in higher education, my second attempt at undergrad, so it felt like a long time coming. So for me, personally, the event felt like a big deal. And graduating college is a big deal. So, it was perfect.”

Story by Brittany Cameron, University Advancement
Photography by Sam Logan, Alumni Engagement

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