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March 30, UNC Greensboro Spartan Jazz Collective will give a concert at The Crown in downtown Greensboro.

The collaborative septet of faculty and students will present a complete performance of Wynton Marsalis’ 1999 masterpiece “The Marciac Suite”: a 13-movement tribute to the city of Marciac, France and the international jazz festival which calls it home. The Spartan Jazz Collective is the first ensemble outside of Marsalis’ own ensembles to perform the currently unpublished work in its entirety.

Faculty members Steve Haines (bass), Brandon Lee (trumpet), and Chad Eby (saxophone) mentor a rotating cast of students in bandleading, arranging, and rehearsal technique, while focusing on specific jazz artists for each semester. Student members for spring 2018 are saxophonist Ariel Kopelove, trombonist Jacob Bruner, pianist Sean Mason, and drummer Sarah Gooch.

Tickets are $10 and the show begins at 8 p.m. at the Crown at 310 South Greene St. For more information, call 336-333-2605.

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