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Photo of Wes Miller celebrating after cutting down the net

When Wes Miller became head coach of the Spartans, he was just 29 years old – the youngest head coach in Division I men’s basketball.

He had just over three years of coaching experience and a few months under his belt as UNCG’s interim head coach.

Miller was less experienced than his counterparts, but just as – if not more – tenacious. As interim head coach during the second half of the 2011-12 season, he notched 10 Southern Conference wins and a division title, and was named SoCon Coach of the Year.

Now, Miller is entering his seventh season as head coach after a historic run in 2016-17. The Spartans won 25 games last year – the most in program history – and were named regular season SoCon champions.

This season, he’s working toward a SoCon Tournament Championship and a trip to the Big Dance in March. But more than that, he’s focused on the development of his players, on and off the court.

“I’m as passionate about basketball as a human can be,” he said. “But there’s also a bigger purpose that we all have as college basketball coaches – to make sure these students get an education and are prepared for life after college.”

That’s exactly how Miller approached his own time as a student athlete at UNC Chapel Hill. Miller, who graduated in 2007 with a degree in political science, was compelled to play basketball at UNC in part because he knew that working with Head Coach Roy Williams could prepare him for a successful career in coaching.

Because he experienced great mentorship, Miller strives to help his players become outstanding young men.

“Our program is about growth and education, in a holistic sense,” he said.

For Miller, it’s an exciting time for UNCG Basketball. There’s a lot of momentum – both within the program and across the campus community.

“I really believe in the direction that the university is going – I believe in Chancellor Gilliam’s leadership and the life and hope that he has injected into this university. And I believe in the direction of the athletic department here,” Miller said. “This is more than just a job. Greensboro is home, and I take a lot of pride in representing this university and this community.”


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Story by Alyssa Bedrosian, University Communications
Photography by Tim Cowie, UNCG Athletics
Videography by Martin W. Kane, University Communications

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