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Tumaini Johnson, senior and media studies major, has been selected as a grand prize winner in the Campus Movie Fest’s Tribeca Campus Docs Category for his short film, “41 Shots.”

It is a restorative justice film retelling the 1999 brutal police shooting of 22-year-old Guinea immigrant Amadou Diallo. His film, along with others submitted from around the country, will screen at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival in New York City on April 28 at 3 p.m. in the Battery Park Regal Theater.

Only eight students were honored, from universities throughout the nation.

Johnson’s film was shot in three hours in one day, he tells Campus Weekly, and the editing process took around two to three days. The actors were all UNCG students, and three have graduated since it was shown at the 2017 Campus Movie Fest on the UNCG campus.

The idea for the film originated in his Fall 2017 African American & African Diaspora Studies class “Blacks in Society,” led by professor Armondo Collins. There, he had an assignment to research a victim of police brutality and create a restorative justice plan. Seeing a need for a short film telling the story, he created one.

What’s next for Johnson? He has recently finished producing a new short film called “Lunch Counter,” a retelling of the Feb. 1, 1960, sit-in at Greensboro’s Woolworth.

See his “41 Shots” film at https://youtu.be/Ybt9YVQIkwQ.

By Ishan Davis

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