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Staff Senate, in this message, encourages staff to take a survey:

Your participation is needed to help prioritize top issues facing staff at UNCG.

Over the past year Staff Senate has worked closely with Campus Leadership on developing staff priorities. Through collaborative effort, we have assembled this survey to help define the top issues facing staff at UNCG.

We have worked hard to capture your voice though forums, electronic forms, and in-person interactions. Now, we need you to help us prioritize these issues.

Staff Senate will use your voice to continue to work with Campus Leadership toward practical solutions. We will be providing feedback and progress reports through the course of our normal operations moving forward.

We feel it is important to note that no ideas were removed from this list, at any point. Similar items were grouped into actionable items, and several specific items (suggested at forums, etc.) have been answered and addressed.

Answered items may not appear on the list to be ranked, but they can be viewed on our website— https://staffsenate.uncg.edu/.

As we develop solutions in the future, this list and website will evolve.

Please vote on ALL items (not just 10!) – we will identify top issues based on your vote.

Take the survey:


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