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UNCG Staff Senate has created a special committee – Staff Senate Budget Subcommittee – to advise and provide input on the university budget and resource allocations.

This Staff Senate committee has met once and will meet again soon. It will then present recommendations to the chancellor, Senate Co-chair Lee Odom said. The Staff Senate leadership meets with Chancellor Brady at least once each month, she notes.

The committee consists of the members of the Staff Senate Executive Committee as well as several other members. The budget subcomittee members are Lee Odom, Betty Betts, Geoff Bailey, Maggie Chrismon, Kim Zinke, Elizabeth Leplattenier, Frankie Jones, Emily Finch, Emily Rector, Amanda Hughes, Sean Farrell, Hoyte Phifer, Jeannie Lasley, Jason Marshburn, Ray Carney, David Schaefer, Stacy Kosciak and John Gale. All divisions have at least one representative on the subcommittee.

If you are a UNCG staff member with input or recommendations for the committee, you may contact Betty Betts at bsbetts@uncg.edu or Lee Odom at lhodom@uncg.edu.

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