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Photo of MinervaStarfish technology is now available to all instructors, advisors, academic support staff, and students for the fall semester. Starfish is an early-alert system that allows UNCG to take a more holistic approach to student success. Starfish allows instructors, advisors, and other staff members to track student progress and remain in the loop about their shared students. Users can log into Starfish at starfish.uncg.edu.

Updates and Reminders

  • Communication plan for flagged students: Students who are issued academic flags and/or kudos via Starfish now receive email communication addressed from their course instructors. This change was implemented in Fall 2018 as a result of consistent feedback received from faculty and instructors at UNCG. This update to email communication will further personalize the correspondence that students receive and enhance engagement with their course instructors. Instructors may reference the Starfish for Faculty & Instructors webpage to see sample email templates. Previously, these emails were addressed from the Students First Office.
  • Flag options for advisors: As of Spring 2019, academic advisors can issue Starfish flags to their advisees! These two flag types are the Personal Concern Flag and Retention Concern Flag. Advisors should raise the Personal Concern flag to report non-emergency concerns for student well-being to the Dean of Students Office. Advisors should raise the Retention Concern to notify UNCG when they become aware of students who may not remain at UNCG in the current and/or upcoming semester. Advisors may reference the Starfish for Advisors and Program Coordinators webpage for more information related to the use of these two flags.
  • New Starfish resource available: There is now a comprehensive guide that summarizes the UNCG flag, kudos, and referral options available. This resource summarizes the Starfish feedback options available for instructors, advisors, and academic support staff to raise and view for undergraduate students. Please check out the Detailed Guide to Flags, Kudos, & Referrals!

New to Starfish? Here is some information on how UNCG currently uses this technology.

Instructors and faculty use Starfish to:

  • Raise alert flags for your students with academic and personal concerns so that they can connect with the resources and people that may help them. *Note: You should never raise flags for emergency concerns requiring immediate attention.
  • Give kudos to students who are performing well or showing improvement
  • Issue referrals to connect students to campus resources that may help them
  • Complete Academic Status Reports throughout the semester to flag many students at once. Instructors will receive email alerts on the following dates: September 10, October 1 & November 5
  • Post office-hour availability and manage student meetings
  • For more information on instructor use of Starfish, visit the Starfish for Faculty & Instructors webpage

Advisors & academic support staff use Starfish to:

  • Stay in the loop on which advisees have been flagged for academic concerns and provide additional support
  • Raise the Personal Concern Flag to report non-emergency concerns for student well-being to the Dean of Students Office
  • Raise the Retention Concern Flag to notify UNCG when you become aware of students who may not remain at UNCG in the current and/or upcoming semester
  • Issue referrals to connect students to campus resources
  • Post appointment availability and manage advising appointments
  • Maintain appointment notes and outcomes
  • Clear flags as concerns resolve
  • For more information on advisor and support staff use of Starfish, visit the Starfish for Advisors & Program Coordinators webpage

Students use Starfish to:

  • Keep track of the academic feedback they get from their instructors
  • Know when to take action to improve course performance and meet with instructors
  • Receive campus resource referrals from instructors, advisors, and support staff
  • Schedule appointments with their instructors and advisors who use Starfish for online scheduling
  • For more information on how students can use Starfish, visit the Starfish for Students webpage

Starfish Support & Training

  • For Starfish assistance: Individuals, groups, or departments who would like to request a Starfish training session should send an email request to starfish@uncg.edu
  • Students, staff, and instructors are encouraged to explore UNCG’s Starfish website for additional information about Starfish and available training guides.
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